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Rubber Expansion Joints


Rubber expansion joints are offered from Flex-Weld, Inc. / Keflex™ in standard or custom designs.

We have a wider array of material and configuration types for rubber expansion joints than any other manufacturer. Our products are designed and engineered to carry a variety of media in pressure or vacuum applications. They absorb distructive system vibration and will contract or expand in response to pipe motion induced from thermal expansion and contraction.

We offer all types of rubber expansion joints from single sphere to triple, floating flange to cable-tied.  We offer standard sizes and diameters in addition to custom lengths and reducers. Materials range from the standard Neoprene and EPDM to PTFE. Our in-house molding, custom ducting assembly lines and off-shore proprietary sourcing provide a number of manufacturing options.

Flex-Weld, Inc. / Keflex™ will design, engineer and fabricate your expansion joints to meet the unique requirements for each application. We can cross-reference to any existing product or redesign to fit a new system requirement.

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PDF    Single sphere - EPDM
PDF    Single sphere - Neoprene
PDF    Twin sphere  - EPDM
PDF    Twin sphere - Neoprene
PDF    Twin sphere with Female Union - EPDM
PDF    Twin sphere with Female Union - Neoprene
PDF    Silver Series single sphere - EPDM
PDF    Silver Series single sphere - Neoprene
PDF    Silver Series twin sphere - EPDM
PDF    Silver Series twin sphere - Neoprene

*Note: Control rods pictured on submittal drawings are sold separately