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ISO 9001:2008

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 Newsletter for March, 2014

Newsletter for 
March,  2014

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Keflex Line Card

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Application Guide

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Pipe Guides

Pipe GuidesFor almost 100 years, Keflex™ has set a standard of quality that few can match.

Our products perform under the most demanding conditions and our service record is impeccable. Keflex™ pipe guides are designed to ensure positive pipe alignment by restricting lateral pipe movement while allowing for movement along the axis of the pipe. The pipe guide consists of a spider guide that is clamped to the pipe whose movement is to be controlled. The guide body is anchored. The spider moves through the body as the pipe expands and contracts along the axis of the centerline. The pipe movement is directed into the expansion device for problem-free operation. Used in conjunction with expansion joints, loops and compensators, Keflex™ pipe guides protect the integrity of the pipe, expansion devices and mechanical equipment for proper operation.

Key Benefits:

  • All guides are constructed of carbon steel and coated for protection.
  • Spider-housing design ensures positive pipe alignment, protecting pipe, expansion devices, and mechanical equipment.
  • Bolted, split-housing construction is designed for easy assembly.
  • Axial movement selection is specific to application requirements.
  • Orders shipped unassembled for fast field installation.
  • Pre-insulated models match insulated system piping to reduce time and labor on the job. (Requires field assembly.)

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Pipe Guides

    CP Series pipe alignment guide pre installed
    P series pipe alignment guide non insulated
    CTA anchor steel bracket with copper anchor
    CTG guide steel bracket with hdpe guide

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