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Gold Series Braided Flexible Pump Connectors

For Vibration Absorption and the Elimination of Piping Stress on Pumps

Braided Pump Connectors Keflex™ Gold Series KSSPC braided flexible pump connectors are 100% American manufactured from stainless steel annular corrugated metal hose surrounded with a tight-weave heavy-duty wire braid of high tensile stainless steel. This combination provides a highly flexible braided pump connector with a longer service life than lighter duty type connectors. The Keflex™ Gold Series KSSPC , which has higher pressure and temperature capabilities, can absorb pump vibration and noise, and reduce piping stress due to minor misalignment and pressure variations. The reduction of stress on pumps and compressor housings can greatly reduce long-term operation and maintenance cost.

Standard end fittings for Keflex™ Gold Series KSSPC units are carbon steel male nipples for sizes 1/2” through 2-1/2”. Sizes 2” and larger have standard carbon steel plate flanges (5/8” minimum thickness) with ASA 150# bolt hole patterns. Other fittings are available upon request.

These assemblies are intended for normal to severe pump vibrations. Misalignment should not exceed 1/8” total. Maximum operating temperature is 1000° F. For higher pressures or temperatures, consult our engineering department. For greater offset or lateral movements, use Keflex™ KFCS series flexible connectors. The Keflex™ Gold Series KSSPC braided flexible pump connector is the highest-performing braided pump connector available in the industry. Sold exclusively through our manufacturing representatives, we challenge any other standard braided pump connector to outperform it in noise or vibration absorption, pressure-carrying capacity, and overall cycle life.

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Stainless Steel Braided Pump Connectors

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